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Most of our customers use the Sonic Palette with computer software.  This is understandable as high quality software is available, and personal computers, including laptops are now powerful enough to run synthesizers.

 But perhaps more importantly, the level of interface control that a computer with it's large screen gives you really lends itself to all the controls that the Sonic Palette makes available.  Especially when you realize how easy some programs make it to assign physical controls to virtual ones.

Among the best of these is Ableton's Live.  Above is a quick demo of Live with the Sonic Palette.


Before I discovered Live, Reason by Propellerhead, was the insperation for this product.  It's wealth of synthesizers and virtual knobs got me thinking about interfaces for this new (at the time) kind of software.

And since I started working on the controller, I have discovered many other mind blowing pieces of software like the stuff that Native Instruments makes including Absynth.

Then there's the software that is amazing because it works great and it is cheap or free like GarageBand.  When I want to get
going quickly GarageBand is usually what I open.  The "software instruments" sound good and they respond well to continuous control data.




Of course the Sonic Palette can be used with any MIDI equipped musical hardware.  For example , the Kurzweil K5000 which is a full featured keyboard workstation, with features enough to almost get your coffee.  


The Sonic Palette can give you control of very complex patches that keyboards like this and many others, like the Yamaha Motif, can create.

FantomXRSound modules made by  Roland, Dave Smith, Korg, Virus, and others, often have as much and sometimes more power than keyboard workstations.

Plus, with the Sonic Palette, who needs the keyboard part anyway ;)  So why not use a module like these?  They have an great cost to music ratio.

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I would be remiss if I did not mention that you need to have a MIDI to USB interface to get the MIDI into your computer. (Not needed with MIDI hardware.)  You only need one MIDI IN so you can use any MIDI interface, including these small and inexpensive ones, from Edirol, and Mark of the Unicorn, or go WIRELESS with M-Audio's MidAir!





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