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Program Configurations
The SP09 does not require any programming on the instrument itself.  Instead, the Sonic Palette comes set-up with twelve program configurations that the user can choose from.

The Sonic Palette's twelve pre-programmed pre-sets are selected by the rotary switch. Other programs (set-ups) are available by contacting Christensen Controllers.


The Sonic Palette has the following assignable components:

•   84 pressure sensors, arrayed 12 by 7

•   A two dimensional joystick 

•  Two sliders

•  Two pressure switchs

• Two rotary potentiometers

The note array can be set up in a variety of ways, including some custom arrangements.  An example of a preset matrix:
 SP Sample presetsMore detailed info on currently available arrangements can be found here.

Interfacing, or how to get the Sonic Palette into your system (see the Control this page for more information)

It was originally designed to be a controller for soft-synths, and so the most common chain would be: Sonic Palette, MIDI cable, MIDI interface, USB cable, computer running a virtual synthesizer.

with computer

And it interfaces (plug and play) with any MIDI equipped synthesizer.  Sonic Palette, MIDI cable, MIDI in on keyboard synthesizer or workstation.

Of course the same is true with MIDI sound modules.  Sonic Palette, MIDI cable, MIDI in on module.

with module


A few options are available from our shop to customize your Sonic Palette for your playing and aesthetic style. Customization requests must be emailed to

Color: Many semi-transparent (grain shows) colors and stains are available, as well as solid colors. (Photos coming soon). Request must be made before purchase. Also, inquire about current hardwood options.

Key layout: If you don't like the two key layout options that are standard, design your own. We will program it for you and provide a note surface laminate with graphics to help reference pitches. However, we currently only do this within the 12 by 7 sensor matrix that the Sonic Palette employs.

Custom programs: One or more of the default programs can be replaced to change the function of various control components. Simply email your request for information on how to proceed.

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